Phone Journal Requires:

  • Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger) or 10.5 (Leopard)
  • Treo 650/680/700p/755p or Centro PalmOS smartphone
  • Palm™ Desktop. Also works with Missing Sync.
  • Support for iPhone coming soon!

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Video Demo - 90 seconds (video download)

Voiceover by Gwendolyn Tan

Phone Journal - The Essential Companion for your Treo™ or Centro™

Don't lose your messages forever. Older messages are automatically deleted by your Treo/Centro, only 500 messages per contact are kept. Don't lose your messages forever! By backing up your messages regularly, you can also guard against your Treo's messages getting lost due to database corruption or accidental deletion.

Know how many messages you're using each month - before the next phone bill arrives. Wondering how many messages you're using every month? Want to reduce your phone bill? Let Phone Journal show you how many SMS/MMS you're using with its elegantly designed chart to take out all the guesswork.

Rediscover your life's story with Phone Journal. Search and print your messages. Save and view your picture attachments on your Mac. Take charge and free your life's story.

Improve the performance of your Treo/Centro. Messaging application taking too long to open your thousands of messages? Speed up your Treo/Centro by backing up your messages using Phone Journal, then deleting the messages on your phone. Don't worry - unless you choose to, your messages will stay safe on your Mac.


  • Easy, One-Touch Backup - with a conduit that works with both Palm Desktop and Missing Sync.
  • Message Statistics - shows you how many messages you're using each month.
  • Free Upgrades - upgrades for all 1.x releases will remain free for all registered users. Lots of new features coming soon!
  • Help Spread Free Access To All Human Knowledge - $1 from each sale of Phone Journal goes towards the Wikimedia Foundation for use on Wikipedia and other projects.
  • Threaded Chat View - helps you keep track of your conversation effortlessly.
  • Live Search - Type in the search box, and matching messages appear as you type.
  • International Text Support - for your messages in all languages your Mac supports.
  • Multimedia Support - view your photos and play your movie and audio clips from the comfort of your beautiful Mac display and speakers. Or save them as files to email them around.


Screenshot of statistics

Message statistics shows how many messages you're using every month

Screenshot demonstrating international text support

Supports international text - even when you're sending Chinese poetry

Screenshot demonstrating mutlimedia support

View and save images, videos and audio attachments

Screenshot demonstrating search capabilities

Find your messages quickly - search works as you type

Screenshots and video produced under Mac OS X Tiger. Looks even better on Leopard!